R-134A is a type of gas that is being used more and more each day on new installations. Originally conceived as a substitute to R-12 gas, R-134A gas properties bring a new world of possibilities into the table and, by the looks of it, it seems like R-134A gas is here to stay. Down below, you will be able to find everything you may need to know about this type of gas.

The multiple applications of R-134A gas

R-134A gas is being broadly used these days on new types of installations and refrigeration systems. The R-134A gas is a very energy-efficient HFC refrigerant, whose excellent performance makes it also suitable for multiple types of HFC blends. Unlike other types of HFCs, R-134A gas can also work at lower pressure.

The uses for R-134A are limitless, but we can often find it being used on:

  • Home refrigerators
  • Car’s air conditioning system
  • Heat pumps
  • Centrifugal water cooler systems
  • Refrigerated transport
  • Conservation chambers
  • Commercial refrigeration

R-134A use in cars

The newest generations of cars are already using R-134A gas on their air conditioning systems, since the properties of this type of gas help regulate the ambient air while keeping an enjoyable temperature inside our vehicle. It is a very efficient type of gas, so using R-134A gas on your car will help you save a lot of money in the long run.

Home Refrigerators

Using the proper recharging kit and a manometer, we can infuse our home refrigerator with R-134A gas to improve its performance. However, we should always keep into account the refrigerator’s type since only the newest models will be compatible with R-134A gas.

If we are looking to improve any type of refrigeration system by recharging it with R-134A gas, we will need to make sure it is R22 compatible. First we would need to clean the units with R12 (in order to remove any residue that this refrigerant could leave), and then proceed with a deep vacuum and deep sweeps using the R-134A gas. 

You can charge the R-134A gas into new systems in both gaseous or liquid state, however, it is very important to keep into account that if the R-134A gas is in gaseous state we will need to use the low pressure side of the system, while if the R-134A gas is in liquid state, it should always be charged on the high pressure side of the system.

Acquiring R134A gas

R-134A gas can be acquired in multiple formats, such as:

  • 2kgs disposable steel bottles
  • 12kgs refillable cylinders
  • 900g disposable steel bottles
  • 25 kg refillable cylinder

If you are looking to get a hand on R-134A, then you are on look, since getting cheap 134A gas is now easier than ever thanks to the internet. Wholesale online stores are a great alternative since they tend to offer the cheapest prices, allowing us to make our purchases of R-134A gas from the comfort of our own home

A site with a lot of interesting offers if you find the right seller is Alibaba. But if you do not want to make bulk purchases, you may prefer sites like AliExpress, where you will be able to find R-134A gas being sold by vendors from all over the world. Amazon is also a reliable seller of R-134A gas, bringing you the opportunity of acquiring the gas from a platform most of us are used to using by now. 

But if you are old school and prefer to acquire your R-134A gas in a physical store, there are many stores like Repsol that bring you the opportunity to acquire R-134A gas in any of their shops or in their online store. 

The price of the R-134A gas can vastly vary from one seller to another, so make sure you always make the proper research and comparisons to acquire R-134A gas of the best quality at the best price.