Far from the pomposity of tastings, the Spanish brand Born Rosé has been created and it is becoming more and more popular, as well as their star product Born Rosé Wine. This rosé wine stands out for being fresh and light, created to be really authentic and fun. Its only designation of origin is with whom and where it is going to be shared, specially created to be the protagonist of a special moment.

One of the most special wines that exists is rosé. Associated with the summer season for being refreshing, this drink stands out in any celebration for being sweet and sparkling, therefore, it can never be missing in any wine list.

Besides, it is a gastronomic drink par excellence. Undoubtedly, rosé wine is a very good ally of Mediterranean cuisine, either in light dinners, brunches, apéritifs or informal lunches. It goes perfectly with a variety of dishes: rice, fish and seafood, as well as with soft cheeses, desserts, sushi, fruit and much more.

What must be clear is that in order to enjoy the properties and benefits of this beverage, it is very important to select the right product. In this aspect, it is important to point out a Spanish brand that has revolutionized the sector: Born Rosé. In fact nowadays people are talking of the ‘Rosé Revolution’.

This innovative brand, born in Barcelona, is committed to authenticity and the fun of uncorking a good wine, with the only denomination of origin being with whom and where it is to be shared.

Taking as reference the international rosé movement on the west coast of the United States, the French Provence, the United Kingdom and Scandinavian countries, in 2019 a group of entrepreneurs asked themselves: Why doesn’t Barcelona have a rosé? Born Rosé was born, inspired by this city and its special lifestyle.

Born Rosé Wine, its star product

The brand’s star product is undoubtedly the Born Rose Wine. It has been catalogued by thousands as the best rosé wine in Spain, and it is also among the five best in the world, even though it is born from a concept far removed from the pomposity of tastings, being more inclined towards the simple fact of enjoying a good wine at a special moment.

It is an aromatic, dry and light wine, quite refreshing, one of its most valued attributes. Likewise, it is versatile, in the sense that it can be drunk both in the daytime and in the evening, since its floral aromas and hints of tropical fruits are always appropriate.

Another characteristic that is attracting more and more consumers is that, for a wine, it has a relatively low alcohol level (11.5%). Likewise, its sugar percentage is low (2.6 grams per litre), something that attracts a lot of attention from those who are watching their figure.

It is a wine that could be classified as “digital native”, in fact it is sold mostly through the internet, an aspect that makes it even more versatile. It is important to highlight the care and the marked pink on its website, which perfectly captures the essence of this drink.

Not only that, but it can also be purchased in the ‘Cool Places’, which are exclusive points of sale, strategically determined by the brand, which are spread throughout Europe, Asia Pacific, Australia and the United States.

Worldwide recognition

Despite being a very young brand, Born Rosé has received prestigious awards, one of which is the Gold Medal at The Global Rosé Masters, the competition organized by The Drink Business, the most important and influential media in the wine sector. 

This has earned it great prestige, despite the fact that it is not ostentatious in terms of price: 11.25 euros on average. 

Its recognition and preference is such that it is now common to see a bottle of Born Rosé Wine in exclusive places such as the Palace Hotel in Barcelona, the Juan y Andrea Restaurant in front of Ses Illetes beach in Formentera, the Alison Resto & Wine Bar on Lexington Avenue in New York and the Beach Club C Noordwijk in the Netherlands.