At this point there is no doubt that the creation of a new company is undoubtedly a very exciting process, but in this case it is necessary to understand that in addition to a business plan in which the elements of the new activity are taken into account, one of the main and vital tasks to be undertaken is clearly the construction of the corporate identity of the company in question, one of the main and vitally important tasks that must be undertaken is clearly the construction of the corporate identity of the company in question, this for those who do not know is a process that really define the personality itself as the brand of the company and in turn this is what will help customers to perceive and identify a company from its competition.

What is corporate identity

To understand it better, corporate identity is an important part of the branding process, because in this case it is clearly the sum of characteristics, values and beliefs with which a company is really identified and also transmitted directly through a defined brand image, which is why many companies today often acquire custom work clothing, that is, custom work clothes, which undoubtedly has both the colors and the logo of the company.

In fact, corporate identity is about giving personality to the company and in turn the power to highlight that makes it unique and different from the rest, so internally the company in question will define both its values, its ideals, its culture, communication, methodology, and strategies, while externally, they must express all of the above through its corporate image. The key elements of corporate identity that a new company must have are the following:

  • Name

There is no doubt that the birth of a new company must go hand in hand with its name, which must be chosen very carefully, this must be clear and really easy to remember, at this point keep in mind that the best names are usually short, simple and original. So in this case try to find a name that is attractive, unique and very modern.

  • Logo

For those who do not know, the logo is another key element for the corporate identity of any company, this is nothing more and nothing less than a design that can accompany or otherwise that can replace the name of the company, this is as important as the name itself and therefore, it must be recognizable, The best thing about logos is that they are images and because they are images they are usually easier to remember, and that is why companies when they opt for Custom Apparel for their employees, do it with the intention that the color or colors of the company and the logo of the same is fully inserted in such custom clothing.

  • Typography

Believe it or not, typography should also represent the identity of the brand and this is undoubtedly key to a really effective visual identity, so do not forget, typography must be totally clear, as easy to read and must be in full consonance with what the brand wants to convey.

  • Colors

At this point keep in mind that color is something that should not be left to chance or an element that should not be given importance, since each color really has the ability to convey different feelings, for example, shades of blue are mostly related to the seriousness and the business world, while red tends to convey more activity and emotion, green tones are more related to nature, but also with growth.

On the other hand, white, gray and black reusltan be classic and very balanced colors, which are ideal for brands that want to convey prestige and exclusivity, so here arises the importance of choosing the right color for your company and also for the custom clothing for your employees, so if you opt for custom work clothes for your staff, remember that this should contain the most appropriate color, such as the name or logo of the company, regardless of whether it is a whole uniform or just a custom embroidered jackets

  • Images

The use of images is really of vital importance within any company, especially if it is a digital company, also do not forget that the images in question must be fully consistent with the rest of the brand image and you must convey the values of the company.

Also, do not forget that the images that define the brand in question must be renewed from time to time and they must be fully adapted to the changes in the company and the tastes of society.

  • Voice and tone

Don’t forget that to define the voice and tone of a company you need to be very clear about who your target audience is and how you can best address them.

In this case, it is not the same to speak as “tú” or “usted”, nor to use a more colloquial or more professional language, although of course the language can vary greatly depending on the circumstances and the channel to be used (web, social networks, promotional language …) but nevertheless, you should always maintain consistency in dealing with the target audience and potential customers.