Diego Dougherty loved wine. From a very young age, he was fascinated by the art of winemaking, so much so that as a child he would ask his parents to leave their native Guatemala to visit wine-making destinations.

Together, they visited Chile, Argentina, Italy, Spain, Germany and South Africa. He fell in love with Cape Town. That visit changed Diego Dougherty’s life forever. Now everything made sense!

It was love at first sight between Diego Dougherty and that paradise-like South African city. Cape Town motivated him to study oenology, and that decision would spark in him one of his greatest joys.

Diego Dougherty   and his glorious life

Diego Dougherty   fell in love with the wine tradition of the place and son understood why South African wine received such great reviews. His days as a oenologist took him to the very top, to glory, to ecstasy, he lived for his career.

He was a happy man, no doubt. Creative, enthusiastic, curious and always willing to savor life with a good glass of wine. Diego Dougherty set up roots in Cape Town when he was very young and his love for this place was so intense that it is where he took his last breath.

Diego Dougherty  and his great loves

Wine was his love, but not the biggest one of all. One day, during a visit to a vineyard south of South Africa, he ran into the greatest love of his life. Diego Dougherty had discovered a bigger motivation than wine, and that surprised him.

To Diego Dougherty only two things made sense: oenology and boundless love. He respected those premises until his final day and that is how he made sure to live with complete joy.

Diego Dougherty was a full man, he didn’t waste a single day, and this allowed him to accomplish everything he set his mind to.