BI Tecnology, a part of I.mec, have been in the iron removing business for a long time, over 30 years in fact since I.mec first opened its doors to industry and production. And all that experience shows in the quality and reliability of their products and the care and attention with which they find solutions and provide a service.

Both brands have come together to offer the very best in iron filtration systems for all sectors from food production to pharmaceutical and any industry where sieving, storage and iron removal are part of the production process.

They pride themselves on delivering the best , and are flexible and adaptable to their clients needs. Backed up by all the relevant safety and assurance certifications, they can offer a true partnership to manufacturers who can be safe in the knowledge that they are working with a quality piece of equipment.

Why is it important to use an iron removal system for safe production

In food and pharmaceuticals, and any other industry where human consumption is involved, the water used in the production process or ingredients needs to be of the highest quality. Unfortunately, natural water sources on this planet are rarely purified enough for uncontaminated production, and it is necessary to remove the minerals from the water that occur naturally. This is particularly important if the water is giving a reddish colour, has a metallic taste or even a strange smell.

Of course in the production of consumables then a decent test of the water source should be able to chemically prove what substances are in the water.

How does an iron filter typically work

There is a pretty standard theory behind most iron removal systems. First there is pre-treatment of the water, where an oxidant can be added in order to make the contaminants in the water bigger. These particles become far easier to remove during the process.

Then then next stage is filtration, where the water is strained through the iron filter, yet the pollutants are not permitted to pass. This should result in clean, contaminant free water. Then of course the machine needs to be completed cleaned ready for the next use, sometimes called backwashing. This removes all the materials and particles that have been gathered during the process and prevents them from contaminating further water.

The best service and products for industrial iron removal

When it comes to choosing the best iron removal system, then you need to speak to the experts about your bespoke needs. – Iron Removers, have that experience, and can provide expert advice via their website or by giving them a call to discuss what you need.  

The agents are very experienced across many sector. They will be able to propose the best design for you and make sure that all aspects of the machine performance meet expectation.

They also produce many other bits of kit, and there are a wide range of products to suit your needs, including:

Vibrating sieves

Mechanical canvases for vibrating sieves

Mixing tanks



Dissolving Units

Mill discharge Units

It is important to be able to make an informed decision, and also be able to trust in the quality and reliability of the products. This is why having those quality assurance certifications is so important. Some are EU compulsory, some are voluntary, but they all show just how serious this company isin quality, safety and design. They empower their customers to deliver the very best in production. BI tecnology company holds Ex Atex and TUV InterCert SAAR Certificates, and many others.