The Mexican island Isla Mujeres receives over 5000 visitors per day. This small island has become a referent for tourism in the country thanks to its beautiful caribbean beaches and Mayan monuments. If you are looking for a place to get away from your daily routine on your next holidays, then Isla Mujeres is an option you should strongly consider.

A natural paradise

Isla Mujeres seems to be one of these majestic places where nature has managed to thrive. This island is located on the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, just a few kilometers across the sea from the cosmopolitan city of Cancun. The key element that this island has that seems to attract visitors from all over the world is its beautiful beaches. These beaches are the perfect representation of what a Caribbean beach should look like: white sand, crystal clears waters, nature right next to the shores and a very rich ecosystem

A day relaxing on a beach this beautiful could take away any stress generated from your daily routine. Isla Mujeres is also the perfect spot for people looking to practice water sports. The island is surrounded by a majestic coral reef that will make snorkeling or diving fans thrill with emotion. The island also has an Underwater Art Museum that includes more than 440 stunning sculptures. But what makes these sea waters so especial is the amount of sea creatures you will encounter. From May to September, these waters receive the visit of the Whale shark, a harmless to humans giant shark that feeds itself on plankton. During these months, Isla Mujeres is also the chosen nesting area for hundreds of sea turtles. Seeing the small newborn turtles making their way to the sea for the first time is an spectacle every nature lover should see at least once in their life. 

But Isla Mujeres is more than its shores. If you head south on the island, you will be able to find the remains of the Mayan temple dedicated to the goddess Ixchel. Ixchel is the Mayan goddess of love and fertility, and locals consider her as the protector of the island. This temple is in the middle of a park with 23 statues and it is located on top of a cliff. The views from this cliff are really impressive, and you can also take pictures with the lighthouse crowning it or with a small iguana statue. 

Other popular tourist destination within this island is the colourful giant letters spelling the island’s name. These letters can be found right next to an amazing mural, which makes it a popular spot to take your holiday’s pictures. The murals are a recurring theme in this island, and on the streets of the city is very common to find a lot of stunning street art. 

Planning your visit to Isla Mujeres

When we decide to visit a foreign country, we need to be very careful with our travel and cover all the steps needed to reach our destination. People wanting to visit this island are recommended to land on the international airports of Cancun or Cozumel, since they are the closest ones. From here, you can take transportation to Puerto Juarez, where a ferry will take you back and forth this beautiful island. 
For accomodation, we recommend that you check out for Luxury Resorts for Families in the area near Puerto Juarez. This will place you on the proximity of Isla Mujeres for your visits as well as other popular tourist destinations in Mexico such as Cancun or the mayan ruins located nearby. Luxury resorts like Estudio Playa Mujeres are the best alternative in the area. This resort is located in the beach area known as Playa Mujeres, which is the area in the continental shore right in front of Isla Mujeres. It features activities adapted for people of all ages (which makes it idoneal if we are traveling with kids) as well as all the luxury you could need in your dream vacations.