Email marketing campaigns have quickly become the best options for success in the online world. Companies that sell to other companies have seen in this form of communication just what they need to succeed on the road, and today we unveil the most profitable strategies to achieve the proposed objectives.

It is no secret that email marketing is one of the best actions that can be taken when working on business marketing plans. This strategy is extremely effective because potential customers are there, subscribed to the lists, on their own free will, so communication flows almost in a personalised way and is well received.

If you are looking for success in creating the best b2b marketing emails, this is the right place because we are going to bring together the best strategies that you can apply today to achieve success without having to be a specialist in the field. Let’s take a look.

Advantages and benefits

What potential customers, in this case subscribers, are looking for is to receive information that is of interest to them in some way. For this to be the case, there is nothing more effective than using the advantages and benefits of the product or service to be sold, since, at the end of the day, this is what they will get if they decide to pay.

Of course, even this needs to be done with an absolute focus on the potential customer. The idea is that they feel identified with the content of the email and that they visualize themselves between before and after having the results they need. The prerequisites for implementing this strategy is to know in detail the ideal customer and the characteristics of the product or service, transforming them into as many benefits as possible.

Establishing authority

We all want to be with the best in every field, and authority is what establishes this in the eyes of the potential client. However, it should be noted here that establishing authority does not mean self-congratulating yourself on how wonderful you are, but rather demonstrating that with your knowledge and experience you can effectively help the potential client to solve their problem.

There are ways to incorporate authority wisely, for example by posting images of awards received, showing statistics that relate to the product or service being promoted, or sharing testimonials from other customers.

Working on the design

Although it is not essential to have a professional design, it must have elements that are pleasant and attractive to the eye so that the recipient feels interested in reading the content. Here we must be careful that it has the right and necessary elements to achieve the desired impact. Elements that do very well are a prominent image, the use of bold to highlight parts of the text that are very relevant, and the button in a contrasting colour.

It is advisable to avoid heavy banners or images and videos because this, far from achieving the interesting effect you are looking for, tends to reduce the curiosity factor and, many times, emails end up in the recycling bin.

Subject lines

If there is one sentence on which you should focus all your energy to make a successful email marketing campaign, it is this one. Subject lines are the first contact with the subscriber and must be attractive enough to make them feel encouraged to see what else is inside.

Although subscribers are not stupid and know that email marketing campaigns are geared towards getting them to buy something, they will always be motivated to dig a little deeper when the subject is in line with their interests and is very appealing.

Use A/B testing

A/B testing is very beneficial in all of this because if there is one thing for sure, it is that not everything has been said. Even if the previous research is very well done and the ideal client is known in detail, it is always possible that a series of elements work better than the combination of others, and that is not a problem for anyone.

The idea of A/B testing is to test two different messages with a small part of the subscriber list and validate them with statistics. The one with the best results will be used to send to the bulk of the list to improve the likelihood of getting good results.

Set a frequency

Working with a specific mailing frequency is one of the best ways to stay present in the subscribers’ minds. The idea is to make them “wait” for the mail to arrive because they will be more likely to read it. At this point, it is important to pay attention to several suggestions.

The first is that there is no one number that is better than another. That is, for one company it may be a great opportunity to send daily mailings, while for another a weekly frequency is more than enough. The establishment of the frequency should be based on assessments such as the interest of the ideal client, if there is something interesting to say and the team’s own capacities, since the idea is to fulfil what is planned. In any case, the most important thing is not to stuff the potential client with empty and boring content just to meet a quota.

Always place a call to action

Emails have the primary mission of getting the subscriber to perform a certain action and this is only possible if they know, clearly, what they are supposed to do. This is achieved with calls to action, which usually appear as buttons or highlighted links.

Placing a strong and clear call to action generates very good results, as long as what follows is of interest to the subscriber. Make sure to keep the email message and the landing page consistent to avoid confusion.

With all these tips, it will be more than easy to set up a target-oriented B2B campaign where the expected results are achieved, without the need for frustration.