Tablets and laptops are very delicate devices that need to be treated extremely carefully to protect them from bumps and knocks that sometimes can accidentally happen and could compromise their functioning. For this reason, it is always important to acquire good cases that protect from bumps and scratches to which these devices can be subjected on their daily use.

Mobile computing devices are commonly used in everyday life by everyone, whether for work, entertainment or communication purposes; the most popular are laptops and tablets, which are used for everything and are carried everywhere, so they are exposed to shocks and all kinds of scratches.

For this reason, it is advisable to protect these portable machines by transporting them with special cases, not only to avoid possible impacts that could damage them, but also to give them an attractive, unique and personalised appearance that will make them stand out wherever they are taken.

Laptop and tablet sleeve come in a variety of materials and styles that offer different levels of protection, just choose the one that best suits your needs and tastes.

Fortunately, there is a brand that simplifies everything, with excellent cases, high quality workmanship and a wide range of models, which makes it easy to make the right choice. This is Wouf, a company that manufactures and distributes technical cases, bags and accessories for computer equipment.

This company has an extensive range of top quality products, all very useful and practical to protect and transport all kinds of laptops or tablets, of different brands and models.

Wouf, quality and avant-garde

Wouf is a Spanish company, based in Barcelona, which has earned its first place in the popular taste thanks to the variety of models it offers with a modern and innovative style, and the inspiring and conscious message this company tries to spread. All this makes Wouf the perfect brand of choice if you are looking for laptop and tablet cases or bags.

Wouf is a company created in 2008 by a creative duo, Alice Penaud and Pablo Martinez, both with extensive experience in the world of bags and accessories. They stamp their products with a more cheerful than formal tone, based on the clear conviction that life is much better when it is lived with passion and joy.

All the items this brand carries are produced locally, with selected, top-quality materials, with models and a style that reflect the brand’s philosophy. The brand collections are conscious, fun and suitable for all its users and customers.

Its prints are unique and original, designed to promote a positive attitude towards life. Wouf launches two collections within the year, with its own prints, which are delineated from the initial idea to the final finish, always taking care of all the small details in the manufacturing process.

Environmentally responsible

The company produces locally, with local suppliers supplying everything needed to make the brand’s covers and other products. This allows for better control of the quality of its products and optimization of resources, which, in turn, has a positive impact on environmental protection.

Since 2021, the company has taken on the challenge of reducing the use of materials that have an impact on the environment as much as possible. Today, 90% of its products are made from recycled or sustainable materials in order to contribute to the preservation of the Earth.

The company aims to reach 100 % of recycled or sustainable materials in their products very soon, and every day they are optimising their resources to achieve this goal. For example, all packaging is already made from responsible materials and the use of new plastics is banned in all production phases.

Diversity of models

The variety of styles and models that Wouf designs in laptop and tablet cases is quite extensive. They range from classic multicoloured prints to elegant designs that look like works of art.

In terms of the type of materials they use, they have everything from soft covers made from 100% recycled PET fabrics to rigid covers made from reused plastic bottles.

They are also available in a variety of sizes to fit all computer equipment, from small 7″ tablets to larger laptops up to 16″, for different types and brands that carry all types of models.

Their performance, functions and the way these bags and cases are made offer different advantages. They are printed with eco-friendly water-based inks, recycled zip tapes, recycled leather labels, recycled protective foams, elastic safety straps and water-repellent finishes, among other advantageous features.

Their slim designs fit the devices perfectly and thanks to their security straps prevent them from slipping off. They are cases that look like they were specially made for each device.

Discounts and offers from the first purchase

With Wouf, in addition to obtaining a high quality product, with innovative, practical designs and excellent finishes,with the first purchase you also get a 10% discount, valid for all the products you wish to purchase on their website.

It is an offer you can’t miss, and it’s permanent, you just have to visit the company’s website, choose the covers you need and place your order. Immediately, you access the promotion, and you get the discount on the purchase you register.

In addition, you can subscribe to their community, just by registering with your email address, to have access to news, new collections, new products, exclusive content and much more. It is a firm that has thought of everything and that has its customers as a priority, that is why the quality of its products and the good attention and services.

So if you’re looking for some nice, practical and good-looking cases, you know where to look. Just go to the right company’s website, and you will be able to spend hours browsing through their extensive stock of marvellous models before deciding on the one that fits you and your needs better; it’s easy and fun, and you’ll get what you need and more.