If you have never tried canyoning before then you are missing out. It is an exhilarating mix of rock climbing, abseiling, swimming in rapids and exploration. It takes some of the best parts of many other extreme sports and combines them together for the ultimate adrenaline rush in some beautiful locations.

If you love being outdoors, traversing incredible natural landscapes and sliding down natural chutes and jumping into lagoons then this is definitely the sport for you. Whether you are a beginner, are improving your skills or a seasoned professional then you have to head down to Mallorca and check out the incredible canyoning experiences on offer.

Mallorca is the perfect choice for canyoning

Because of the way Mallorca was formed, and the type of rock that make up the island, the location is perfect. Unlike many canyons you can find around the world, many of the canyons around Mallorca head straight down to the sea.

The canyons at Serra de Tramuntana has slides, rappels, jumps and descents that mean you will get to try a little of all the techniques and disciplines of the sport which is perfect for adventure lovers.

There are some absolutely beautiful canyons here, and places like Gorg Blau-Sa Fosca attract people from all over the world. But do not worry if you are new to this, or you wish to do it as a family activity. Canyoning can be adapted to every level and most age groups, just as long as you have a trusted expert instructor to ensure your every safety.

What to wear when canyoning

As you will be jumping in and out of the water, it is normal to wear a wetsuit. This will help protect you against scapes when climbing or jumping, and will also help you to stay warm in the cold water. You will also need to wear a harness for climbing and abseiling and a helmet to protect from any accidents.

You also need to wear shoes that have excellent grip and are flexible and comfortable. Even though you will be in and out of the water it is simply not practical to go barefoot.

You will need some basic skills

This is a physical sport, so you will need to have a basic level of fitness. Considering you will be hiking, swimming, climbing and more, this can quickly be exhausting if you are not used to it. You need to be sure that you will be able to cope with the physical exertion.

You also need to be a reasonably competent swimmer as you will be in and out of the water, swimming across lagoons and pools and sliding down rivers.

How dangerous is canyoning?

Canyoning is definitely an adventure sport, and for seasoned veterans of the sport it is something where safety is of the most importance especially when canyoning in more extreme and difficult areas.

This is why it is so important to have an expert guide with you, one who has many years experience in the techniques needed, especially when it comes to securing the ropes for climbing and abseiling. You also need someone who has a lot of knowledge about the environment and preferably the right safety certificates and accreditations.

Only someone who is familiar with the area will know how the flow of the water and the water level can make the difference between ‘fun’ and ‘dangerous’. The weather will also play an important part too.

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