• Have you ever felt with the need of getting out of your routine?
  • Have you ever felt that you need some relaxation in an authentic and brand-new place?

If these are some of the questions you constantly ask yourself while you are working, then this reading will make your dream come true.

Throughout our lives, we are looking for taking our stress out caused by economic or social concerns, and in many occasions just trying to have fun on the weekends and in our times off. Therefore, taking a plane to Dominican Republic, specifically to La Romana, might be one of the best decisions you will ever make in your live.

La Romana is one of the newest trending places people choose when they are looking for an unforgettable experience. It is the seventh largest city in the country and its name is due to an artefact similar to a balance to weight merchandise used in the 19th century.

On your journey, you will be witness of an endless choice of activities such as: walks through the tropical forest, submarine adventures, spending the day in paradisiacal beaches, going to underground caves and so much more. Furthermore, La Romana is well-known for its love to sports; playing golf is the most famous one.

The heavenly beaches in La Romana is reason enough for going here, though there are so much more places to visit where you can admire the biodiversity.

  1. Parque central, a park with beautiful sculptures and with a great variety of trees and plants
  2. Altos de Chavón, replica to a European town in the 17th century. It has Italian-Spanish inspired buildings and streets, and it provides a magnificent view to the Chavón river
  3.  Casa de Campo, a resort which offers its golf course to all tourists. Plus, it is famous for hosting many professional golf tournaments
  4. Cueva del Puente, a cave located in a park, which shelters wall painting made by indigenous tribes

Besides, in Altos de Chavón you will be able to enjoy concerts and musical performances; Gloria Estefan, Sting and Andrea Bocelli have performed in this place.

If you are still at work and you are reading this, don’t waste another minute.

Go and buy your plane tickets and be the one to experience this unique adventure.

Spend a La Romana vacation that will change your life forever.