Entrepreneur ?, wanting to look for your life and be your own boss? Well, write down these business ideas.

It’s time to change the air and start an adventure at your own risk. You do not want to work for anyone, you want to take the reins of your life and your future job, and for that you have come up with an idea as brilliant as risky: setting up a company on your own.
In 2016, the numbers spoke of a total of more than 3 million paid workers who launched into the risky world of entrepreneurship. Of this total, 2 million are men and more than 1 million women, and they also show an increasing trend since that year, increasing with each passing month and with a future that seems not only to match, but to exceed the numbers of the opposite sex .
These numbers are quite optimistic, which also show that more and more Spaniards, like you, have wanted to change their minds and try their luck on their own. To be autonomous is difficult, to undertake also, and to mount something that is a success is even more so; we can not all end up as Amancio Ortega. However, you never have to stop aiming high, nor stay steadfastly and willing to give it all to achieve your goal.
You may be overwhelmed or overwhelmed right now; that you lack ideas to begin to shape your new career path. But do not worry. We bring you some of the ideas, the businesses that are getting more between the public and that work better. They are very different proposals, all focused on well differentiated sectors; so it is more than likely that you find something that fits your skills.

Luxury accommodation

If you have a good amount of money to invest and you are going to build your business in a big city, leave aside the approach of the typical apartments or rental houses and aspire to something more luxurious. The high-quality housing and its sale or rent for short or long stays always have movement, even if they are reduced to a very specific niche of society.
You can look at established businesses to see how they do and get a good idea of ​​what path to follow. This website of luxury real estate madrid reflects many of the features that matter to convey the serious, classy and quality image that is due in this very special sector.
Montessori School
Did you not expect it? Fortunately, there will always be children, there will always be people who want to take their child to school and need a very good learning method. From children raised in natural environments such as children who need to be taught other than what a normal school treats on a daily basis. A Montessori school in Madrid will be the opportunity to teach languages ​​to children and to learn from an early age to treat life in a different environment.
Help for franchisees
You can use your knowledge to lend a rope to others who, like you, have decided to start a solo career and start to shape something; but from an established brand. Riding a franchise is not a path of roses either, and the role of franchise counseling is almost like the water for which you are lost in the desert.
The truth is that it is a type of business that requires high doses of legal, accounting and other knowledge; but can be tremendously beneficial if you manage to settle down and win clientele. If you have basic notions, but you do not dominate the subject, perhaps you should train yourself a little more in the matter and take advantage of this possibility.
And teach dancing?
Another proposal that I’m sure you did not expect. Learning to dance is always a concern, regardless of the generation in question. At present, Latin dances are very fashionable, everything that has to do with salsa, bachata and other slopes that cause so much anger. It is true that not everyone can start with the same level as, for example, this dance school madrid; but many begin with small groups and end up building authentic academies where they learn all kinds of dances with a good selection of teachers.
Shooting, of course; but all with a high percentage of success. If you try to start your career as an entrepreneur with any of these options, you have many ballots to go ahead and start a promising career. Although, of course, you can always try with any other idea that you think of and you think it can work.
Starting a new business is risky, but as they say “who does not risk does not win,” and there is much to gain if you manage to move the chips.