Through history, humanity has created and developed many sports, each one of them based in the simple concept of exercising the body, showing force, ability or dexterity while following determined rules. Golf is particularly popular in the whole world, and it is practiced everywhere for any kind of people without sex or age standards, because anyone who wants to play can enjoy Spanish golf courses in Majorca.

Nobody can deny this is a sport, since its characteristics fit perfectly as one, and it even includes a classic element: a ball. However, it has several peculiarities that differentiate it from others like football, baseball, basketball, etc.

For example, the playfield can be highlighted as an example. Most of them are played in a delimited space that follows international rules to keep standards, but golf camps are completely different from each other, and they are master pieces of beauty and engineering, using natural element to create a harmonic ambience that shows a challenge to players.

Thanks to this, it offers a tamed environment that allows to experience flora and fauna, but it still reflects artificial elements as the hole, the pole flag, and the objects players take along them.

Another fact that can be mentioned, and it is one of its biggest characteristics, is its rhythm. Other games are explosions of energy, needing to move constantly. Sometimes, the entire body is needed in every moment, or the most used parts are the arms. But here, the contrast is total, since it is slow, and the only sudden move needed is hitting the ball, while the rest of exercise comes from walking.

This allows anyone able to walk and swing to play at their own tempo and work out without stressing their joints, or risking to suffer a cramp for overexerting. Because of this, everyone can take advantage of a game, allowing their health to benefit.

So even though modern lifestyle does not really allow going out to enjoy wildlife daily, golf will offer the needed opportunity, allowing the soul to free from the dreariness of routine, and experiencing a comforting ambience for just one day.