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Facebook is one of the most used social networks worldwide, and this is a reality of which we are all very aware, through this we can find people we know, get in direct contact with them and regardless of the physical distance in between, we can share photos, videos, texts, participate in groups where they often discuss topics of our own interest, send messages, perform searches, among much more.

Reason why there are many people around the world who already have an account on Facebook, and therefore, is that many others also have in mind right now to create an account on this popular social network, if you are one of these people and want to create an account on Facebook, before doing so should be aware that when using Facebook you must do so with great caution, as there are tools like that allow you to hack Facebook accounts, so to prevent your private/personal information from falling into the hands of others you should take into account some security methods, and on the web you can find many useful tips about it.

With this in mind you can start with the creation of your Facebook account, which you will be able to get in a matter of a few minutes, for this you will only have to follow the following steps:

1.  The first thing you should do is to log in to the official Facebook website.

2. Once you are there you must click on “Create new account”.

3. At that moment you will have to fill in the fields requested by Facebook, which will only be your first and last name, when you click “Continue” you will be asked for your date of birth, then you must click “Continue” and then add your phone number, when you click “Continue” you will be asked to select your gender (female or male), followed by clicking on the “Continue” button and finally you must enter a password with which you will be able to log in to your Facebook account from now on.

4. Once you have completed all these fields, you will only have to click on the “Register” button, so you will be able to start using this incredible social network and get in touch with all your friends, family and work colleagues as soon as possible.

At this point it is worth mentioning that once you have a Facebook account, you only need to give life and color to your profile, so that it does not look like a bot, so you must choose a profile picture for Facebook, you should generally put it in public so that when looking for you in this social network your friends or acquaintances can find you more easily.

After that, you can start looking for friends, such as your family members, co-workers, and your former classmates.

It will also be necessary to privatize your profile, because here you have to decide who can see your profile and who can’t, that is to say, who can see your information and who can’t, the best thing to do is to set that only your friends can see all the information posted on your profile, for this you just have to go to the settings of your account and click on the “Privacy” section, so in this panel you can change all the information you want.