At this point we are all really very aware that one of the most used social networks today is Facebook, so much so that the vast majority of the world population now has an account on this social network, if you still do not have a Facebook account, then continue reading this post, because throughout it you will find very good reasons to start using in your day to day this incredible social network, without further ado, we proceed to start fully, with this very important topic.

There is no doubt that one of the main advantages of communication through Facebook is that it provides users with several methods to choose from when interacting with their friends, because in case you did not know, this social network (Facebook) offers the opportunity to send direct messages, to make publications on the wall, in the chat and comments, you can send voice audios, among much more, and all this allows each user to choose the best method for the type of message you have to offer. For example, if the person needs more privacy, he can send a direct message, if he wants to send a public message, he can post a message on another user’s wall. At this point it is worth mentioning that the most advisable is to avoid having private, personal or sensitive information in our Facebook accounts because nowadays there are tools such as that allow hacking Facebook accounts.

Another benefit of Facebook is that it allows us to get in touch with people from our childhood or with people we just met, etc, as we mentioned earlier in this post, today most of the world’s population has a Facebook account, which is used very often day after day, so if we want to communicate with someone we have not seen for a long time or with someone we just met and therefore we do not have their phone number, then we can put in the Facebook search box at the top of the page the name and surname of that person and then we just have to find that person in the results returned by the search. At this point it is important to clarify that you can even communicate without any problem with people who are in another city, or in another country.

In addition, if at any time you need to communicate with several friends at the same time to give them the same information, for example, instead of sending a message to each of them you can create a group message so that all of them will receive the information at the same time and each of them will be able to respond to you through the same means.

Also, keep in mind that nowadays companies can also make use of Facebook in order to communicate directly and indirectly with their customers. And even you can make use of Facebook to make all kinds of publications and generate debates, among many others.