For decades, climbing walls have attracted climbing enthusiasts from all over the world. They make up for a perfect indoor or outdoor workout and are a perfect tool for both experts and beginners alike. More and more users jump into this trend each day that passes by, which has resulted in many of us deciding to create our own private climbing walls at home or even our own climbing wall business that others can use. But a good climbing wall requires quality materials in order to be safe for use, especially if we are planning to let kids use it. Down below, you will find all the information you would need about climbing walls and where to get their most important element: the climbing holds. 

Buying only the best quality climbing holds

Wall climbing is the perfect activity for all the family. It allows everyone to exercise in a safe and controlled environment in which the fun is ensured. However, a climbing wall can be up to 15 m tall, therefore, we should always treat it with respect.

A climbing wall is as safe as the materials used to build it. Therefore, we should never skimp on resources for it, especially on elements as important as the climbing holds. We recommend that you only buy climbing holds from renown companies that comply with all the regulations, like Eclipse Presas. 

climbing holds – Eclipse Presas is a company that has managed to earn a reputation among climbing wall enthusiasts thanks to the exceptional quality of the climbing holds they produce

Based in Spain, Elite Presas has become one of the most important climbing holds companies in the whole continent. Their manufactured products come with the UNE-EN 1257-3: 2017 certificate. These climbing holds come in all sizes and forms, all following the most strict quality standards

If you are thinking about building your own climbing wall, then you definitely should check out the Eclipse Presas website. They have a wide catalogue that features all the climbing holds that they produce, so you can find the ones that better fit your climbing walls needs. Elite Presas has an exceptional international shipping service that delivers to all Europe. You can shop for any type of climbing hold you may need for your project and get it delivered to your door 72 to 96 hours, totally free of charge (on purchases over €350). The website of Elite Presas also has a very safe payment platform for both your security and your peace of mind, allowing their customers to make purchases by credit card, PayPal or bank transfers, whichever method you feel more comfortable with. 

Overall, the quality of climbing holds is key for a safe climbing wall, and by acquiring them from reputable sellers like Elite Presas, you would be making the smart choice. 

Different types of climbing holds

Climbing walls try to emulate the experience of climbing the walls on real mountains. The surface of the rocks in real mountains is never even, therefore, it is expected that climbing walls replicate these traits. Because of that, climbing holds come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. There are also climbing bolts whose main aim is not to replicate the experience of real rocks, but for the climber to have fun on them. Companies like Elite Presas produce many types of climbing bolts, such as jug holds, sloper holds, crimp holds, pinch holds, feet holds, etc. 

The main characteristics of the most common types of climbing holds are:

Jug holds 

This type of climbing hold is the perfect one for beginners and people that lack experience in the climbing world. They have a very large shape that allows the user to easily hold it with their whole hand and get up with a minimal use of energy. Climbing walls for beginners can be made solely using jug holds, but they are also a perfect addition for more expert climbing routes. 

Jug holds can also come in smaller sizes, which is often addressed as mini jug holds or incuts. Although smaller than regular jug holds, mini jug holds offer a steady handhold. Their design features a small lid to get your fingers behind, but it only tends to hold up to the second knuckle (while the regular jug holds allow you to position your whole hand). 

Sloper holds

This type of climbing hold can be very hard on beginner climbers, but are a must in advanced routes. They do not have an edge or lip of any kind, making it almost impossible to get a direct grip on them, yet the friction when holding to them prevents the climber from falling off.

Pinch holds

This is a type of vertically oriented hold that shares many properties with slopers and other types of climbing hold while having a narrow design that allows the climber to fit their entire hand. Pinch holds require a lot of strength from the climber. 

Climbing holds for children

Climbing walls are often designed for the use of the whole family, so it is recommended that if children are going to have access to it, we feature holds for children for their safety and enjoyment. This type of climbing holds tend to feature fun designs (such as animals or letters of the alphabet) while keeping the same quality standards of their adult counterparts. Climbing walls are the perfect activity for children, since it allows them to have fun while challenging their balance, motor skills and movement skills. The climbing holds designed specifically for children will allow the young ones in our family to have fun and let their imagination fly while keeping them safe. 

There are many types of climbing holds in the market, so it is very important that we research them beforehand and acquire the ones that will better fit our needs and level of expertise. Purchasing these climbing holds from reputable sellers like Eclipse Presas will allow us to build a quality climbing wall everyone in our family will be able to safely enjoy.