Nowadays it is possible that when buying your boxing equipment, you have the possibility to customize it and acquire it with your own style, thanks to the new technologies that allow this type of services, whether in gloves, shorts, robes, among other things.

What does this technology consist of?

Sports enthusiasts can now access a specialized website and order their own personalised boxing equipment

This way you can choose from the design that you will have, whether the glove or the robe, the colors that you like best and even be able to ask for a logo or name to be printed on it.

This customization process entry into the market was in 2014 and since then its popularity has been increasing and all because it is very easy to make designs for garments and equipment, with various default options that the platform has and even the possibility to send some designs and know if the store can shape your ideas.

The store also offers the ability to customize known styles of famous boxing stars, such as Roy Jones Jr., Floyd Mayweather or Miguel Cotto.

This technology is intended to allow the athlete to get his own style, something that is of paramount importance in the boxing world, because if a person looks good, he will feel good and therefore, he will have better performance in the ring.

Customize your boxing gloves

This type of technology allows you to create and have your custom boxing gloves in an easy way, whether you want full leather, synthetic leather or in matt or bright tones.

You can add embroidered names to the gloves or include a logo printed in the colors you want and in the case of the name, in the font you like best and you can even place them either on the back, or on the wrist of the glove.

They also have the possibility to choose between the three different models of gloves that exist, those that have the Velcro closure, flat wrist laces or simply wrist laces. Plus different fonts for your name, like Arial, Franklin, Berlin and Brush.

Types of fasteners: Velcro or Strings?

There are only two types of closure for boxing gloves: laces and velcro.

Lace gloves are especially suitable for professional wrestling because of their comfort, placement and grip. They are also recommended for professional wrestlers or for long workouts, circuits and sparrings.

Before choosing this type of glove, you should keep in mind that you need help to be able to tie the laces, therefore they are not recommended for a daily workout ( unless you have thin wrists, since you can tie the laces only once and then you put your hands in and out every time you use them).

Velcro-fastened gloves are the most popular and are easy and quick to place. Velcro gloves are very practical and comfortable as they are easy to put on and off, being the ideal type for a daily workout.

However, it should be noted that velcro elastics can break the sometimes on the hands, offering a less efficient grip.

Boxing shorts can also be customized

Just like with gloves, you can have your custom boxing shorts. Just choose the template of the style you want, then move to the design stage.

Most of these boxing shorts templates use as an inspiration the styles used by professional boxers or you can choose the classic style, a simpler style. You can also find a large section with several designs, such as the ‘All Mayweather’ or ‘A Star Quality’ templates.

Whether you want to add a graphic that represents you or your name, you can do it on different types of materials and in different colors, being possible to choose between 150 different options, so you will have a lot to decide.

Don’t forget to choose the size needed to make your boxing shorts look perfect. This way you can have all your boxing equipment designed in your own way and combine it with each other, since in the sport, the style that you wear helps the boxer a lot mentally and therefore his performance.

Thanks to the technology it is possible to customize the boxing equipment in a very simple, understandable way and everything by using internet. You just need to find the style that defines you.