For those of us who love the kitchen, tools and utensils are one of the most important things within the kitchen enclosure when we prepare our dishes and recipes, these tools and utensils become an extension of us.

Most of these utensils today are usually plastic, for many people this is somewhat negative and prefer to use utensils and containers of glass, ceramics and other materials, leaving aside the reliable plastic food containers or plastic containers for food, with the belief that this material can be harmful to health, but you knew that plastic really is one of the most used materials in the world even within the kitchen thanks to its efficiency and versatility. The plastic is conformed by a series of elements that include certain polymers that are conformed in turn by atoms of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen among others like elements base of their compound, the use of the plastic really is varied by a great resistance and durability was therefore to be expected that it arrived at the kitchen sooner or later, but besides to present in utensils and cutlery, we use them as containers, many would assume that the glass and other materials would maintain in better state and would conserve much better the essence and flavor of the foods but this is not like that.

The design of these containers makes them a more than reliable choice, thanks to their airtightness, strength and durability are even used in the health sector to protect, utensils and medical samples sterilized, so if you can rely on medicine and has been scientifically proven its reliability why not do it inside the kitchen. There is a diversity of containers, models, shapes and sizes, which vary according to the distributor of the product, we can find from erythmitic bags that preserve food to perfection and if you doubt the veracity of the facts, you can perform an experiment with a pair of sandwich, placing one inside an airtight bag level A of course, and another inside a container that you consider superior and more hygienic and you will see how the bacteria show you a different reality to what you expected.

The quality of the plastic for this type of containers varies too much as indicated above, but what else can I consider when purchasing these products, because mainly if the distributing company and manufacturer have the required health and safety permits, as this ensures the efficiency and confidence of the material, it is not the same to buy a branded product that offers a certain degree of confidence than a standard container of which there is no signal whatsoever about its origin. In addition to this you would be contributing to the environment since many of the companies that offer this type of products use recycled materials for their production, so on the contrary to pollute these contributing to the green cycle of plastic recycling while you get the benefits of a quality product.