Moona is the ultimate e-commerce payment solution for merchants and shoppers. This is an outstanding payment method which enhances the entire experience of online shopping. £5 discounts are given to customers. This involves a yearly membership. The membership is paid for by the shoppers. When a shopper obtains their membership, they are given a discount every time they order an item. This is indeed a useful payment method because the discount is an added incentive that encourages customers to return to this unique shopping experience.

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The Checkout : Online Shopping

The checkout, of the online shopping experience is the core of the entire shopping experience. It will need to be convenient and must be improved periodically because it does play a vital role within the overall satisfaction of each customer. Moona has placed the focus on creating a payment method that places the focus on the needs of the shopper. The entire checkout process ought not be painful nor time consuming. Moona can be viewed as a disruptive approach because it has rejuvenated the outdated checkout systems. This checkout experiences offers value to the shoppers and to the merchants because it is a shopper-centric method of payment. It offers the following:

  • simplicity with the use of technology ;
  • a superior checkout experience (the best online) ;
  • countless discounts on an unlimited and instant basis ;
  • a payment can be made with one-click with the use of previous entered information ;
  • uncomplicated and easy to access with added benefits at the checkout.

A New Standard : Online Payment

A goal, for Moona payment solution, has been to create and build a new superior standard for online payments. The following values have been incorporated within the standard :

  • ambition : pushing the limits and updating the current methods with new ideas and methods. This has required moving out of current comfort zones ;
  • a defined and clear focus; perfecting the current online payment methods.