A new mobile application is on the horizon, pointed toward facilitating private car services and commercial logistical transportation.

The platform, known as Lox Lift, which will be available through the Google Play store as well as the web version, was rolled out for the public this past week.

Lox Lift Co-Chairman, Justin Luwemba, said, “A market regulated platform like this one will keep our services next to none and prices competitive.”

Lox Lift Co-Owner and CEO Justin Luwema

Luwemba says that Lox Lift interfaces private car service providers with passengers and commercial logistics truckers with businesses.

“Cabbies utilize their own vehicles when giving taxi administration and logistics truckers similarly utilize their own tractor trailers when transporting goods and services”, said Luwemba. “The overall process is straightforward, just requiring an enlisted Lox Lift customer to log on to the application or website and contact a taxi or truck driver. A private car service then arrives to take the customer to their destination or a logistics transporter arrives to transport the customer’s products to the business owner’s desired destination.”

“Customers pay a small nominal fee via Airtel Money or TNM Mpamba for access to our driver’s contact information while payments to the drivers for the actual services rendered are completely between the drivers and their customers.  This allows our drivers to not only dictate their own fees, but also to keep %100 of their profits,” Luwemba said.

Elliott Carter, who is the American Co-Chairman of Lox Lift said, “The platform is designed for practically everybody, including individuals who go to clinics, universities, parties, shopping centers, night clubs, business men and women, tourists and locals.”

“No compelling reason to walk a long distance to hail a taxi. No longer necessary to hang tight for a taxi for long occasions. Traveler security is the number one priority as the identity of each driver is publicly displayed on the platform and each customer is encouraged to leave public ratings and reviews of each driver on the site,” said Carter.

“We feel that by making driver reviews and ratings public, we can ensure quality service and competitive prices,” added Carter.

According to Carter, drivers enrolled on the application will be guaranteed an extra or fulltime income revenue along with adaptable working timetables of their choice.

“Drivers can work low maintenance or basically at whatever point they like. Also it offers simple installment strategies. The individuals who love to drive can bring in cash while seeking after their pastime,” noted Carter.

According to Luwemba, individuals across the world have been utilizing comparative applications to facilitate their movement saying opportunity has arrived for Malawi to be at standard with the remainder of the world.

“We can either adapt or be left in the past.  Lox Lift is here to move the next generation of Malawians into the future,” Luwemba said.

Lox Lift is already being endorsed by local businesses, government officials, cosmopolitan socialites and social  media influencers.

If all goes according  to plan, Lox Lift would will help stimulate the travel industry in the city as it gives ensured security to travelers.